What’s The Betting That After The Reformation, Mps Get A Pay Rise?

It’s as sure as God made little green apples.


  1. Kit Fang wrote
    at 18:23 - 29th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    This year MPs told police officers they could not have the pay rise they were promised, yet voted a nice pay increase for themselves. I’m guessing that many of them will feel that with their expenses limited as they hopefully will be, they are entitled to more money.
    Did you know that under the interim expenses measures currently in place, MPs can still claim for food and drink? Sorry, but I didn’t realise buying food was a work-related expense. If I tried claiming for that, I’d be laughed out of the office. They won’t give it up until forced to, and I would be willing to bet a hefty sum that they give themselves more money next year.

  2. old grumpy wrote
    at 18:47 - 29th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    One thing is for certain, they will not give up their expenses in the present form, unless they get considerable compensation with a hefty pay-rise.
    You can guarantee these greedy pigs will make sure that they will not be out of pocket, after all we can afford to buy a Bath-plug, a poor MP has to use his expenses to purchase one. Poor little things.

  3. John D wrote
    at 0:32 - 30th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    I don’t think even this bunch Charlatans dare do that. What will probably happen is when the report about the expenses scandal is published it will have a recommendation in it saying that they are reducing what they can claim for but recommending a substantial pay rise. These idiots will probably think we will have forgotten their disgraceful behaviour by then and vote to accept it.

  4. Harry Lime wrote
    at 5:01 - 30th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    You’re probably right.
    They should all have their pips taken out. With long-nosed pliers.
    I fookin’ hate the slimy b@sstads…

  5. Stephen wrote
    at 9:31 - 30th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    In fairness they do work pretty hard.

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