Whats The Worst Thing Happening In Sports Right Now?

the mike vick dog fighting scandal, the nba ref betting scandal, or barry bonds eventually breaking the home run record.
i think its the nba scandal is the worst, because if the accusations are true,it affects the whole league and not just one team like the dogfighting one. im a spurs fan, and for a while people were saying that the refs were on their side during their series against phoenix. i thought that they were just bitter fans. but now knowing this guy was one of the refs during the series, it makes me wonder if maybe something was up.
as for the other 2, i would say that the mike vick scandal is the next worse. although neither vick or bonds have been proven guilty for anything, i think any unbiased person with a right sense of mind can say that they are both guilty. but i say that what vick did was more serious. out of taking steroids and dog fighting, taking steroids is the lesser of 2 evils.
what do you guys think?


  1. bobby413 wrote
    at 15:26 - 4th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    NBA is the worst, now the NBA will never have the trust of the players or fans. Anytime the calls are controversial, everyone will attribute it to the ref favoring another team because of bets or personal preference.

  2. pyrobbal wrote
    at 17:41 - 4th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    Barry bonds cause of what he injected into his body and how bad he cheating

  3. Shoeless Joe wrote
    at 17:56 - 4th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    I would have to say it’s all of the steroid and ‚doping’ scandals that are going on from baseball to cycling and beyond. It’s very unfortunate that the children of this world have role models that seem to espouse cheating. The fact that honest, hard working athletes feel that they have to cheat to compete is terrible also. The integrity of many sports is being ruined by this. Records are being broken, tours won, yet I have trouble finding enjoyment in these events anymore. In addition, steroids aren’t just affecting one team, or one league, they are affecting sports as a whole, from high-school on up to the pros.

  4. Anonim wrote
    at 20:47 - 4th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    The NBA scandal is by far the worst.
    What Mike Vick did was despicable, and Bonds probably cheated, but so did so many others, including pitchers, so Bonds will simply be the best player of the Steroid Era.
    But a ref cheating is beyond belief. Then you start to wonder about the NHL, NFL, and MLB, or ANY sport for that matter…it would be a catastrophe!
    If you don’t like Bonds or Vick, you don’t have to watch them or support them.
    I watch sports cause I love them. It would really suck to have to wonder if every close call is a result of a ref on the take.
    Hopefully, this is just a isolated incident.

  5. Anonim wrote
    at 22:54 - 4th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    The Michael Vick thing. That man should be put to death in my opinion if it’s true. That is so sick and anyone who is „entertained” about dogs fighting until one of them is dead is barbaric and is the lowest form of life….that any people who abuse children in any way….lowest form of life.

  6. ? wrote
    at 2:09 - 5th Grudzień 2009 Permalink

    the whole nba

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