Which Number Is Used More By Famuos Athletes (any Sport) 23 Or 24?

I have a bet going with a friend that 23 is used more but he insists that 24 is used more by well know famous athletes. If you could please give a few examples for your guess, ie. if you are saying that 23 is used more then give examples like Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Please try not to repeat names that others have given. Thanks for your help.


  1. John C wrote
    at 4:13 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    MJ, Lebron, Don Matingly, Ryan Sandberg, Bob Nystrom, David Beckham, and Devin Hester where or wore 23 just to give u range of sports, also it is currently not worn by the soccer team manchester city fc because a player died whering it in 2003.
    Willie Mays, Tony Perez, Jimmy Wynn, Jeff Gordon, Manny Ramirez, Robinson Cano, Koby Bryant, Bernie Federko, Champ Bailey, and Cadillac Williams all where or wore the number 24 in various sports. Its got some hall of famers but it seems to be more used with current stars.
    so if ur talking legendary athletes id say 23 wins, but if ur talking more used now then 24 as it has more potential hall of famers currently.

  2. suspende wrote
    at 4:42 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Sandy Koufax (Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers)
    Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies)
    Kevin McHale (Boston Celtics)
    Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers)
    Bill Walton (Portland Trail Blazers)
    Jim Brown (Cleveland Browns)
    Jason Kidd (Phoenix Suns)
    Karl Malone (Utah Jazz)
    Ricky Watters (Seattle Seahawks)

  3. GoBears 3 wrote
    at 9:22 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Devin Hester

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