Who Do You Think Would Generally Perform Better…motocross Racer Or Baseball Player?

Who do you think would generally do better in the other sport? A professional motocross racer playing baseball or a professional baseball player racing motocross?
A little bet we have at work.


  1. butterbe wrote
    at 8:48 - 17th Luty 2010 Permalink

    alotta sports figures do moto sports, but in their contracts, they are uninsured for it………….
    as examples the texans running back whose career ended cause of an moto cross accidennt, and just recently the quarterback for the steelers, roth berger, who had head and brain tramam……

  2. scott h wrote
    at 11:52 - 17th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Motocross would do better. I the moto man messes up he just drops the ball or gets a strike if the baseball player messes up he could end up in the hospital!

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