Why Did Republicans Ban Internet Poker In America In 2006?

That’s pretty much the only reason I absolutely REFUSE to EVER vote for ANY Republican. In 2006, an effort led by GOP Senator Bill Frist and GOP Congressmen Jim Leach and Bob Goodlatte ended up basically banning internet poker for profit within the United States.
It’s a bit more complicated than that – I still play poker for money online from the US – but it is in a bizarre legal grey zone created by this disastrous GOP-sponsored bill.
To make matters worse, the Bush administration released a statement WELCOMING the legislation! Bush should have DENOUNCED it and refused to sign the port security bill to which it was attached.
The GOP still hasn’t explained why they went on jihad against online poker, nor have they apologized – thus, I still can’t support them no matter how much I hate 0bama.
Do any Republicans here have explanations/apologies? I still haven’t gotten a straight answer. It obviously wasn’t banned for moral reasons, since things like horse race gambling were specifically PROTECTED by the SAME LEGISLATION!


  1. ryssee wrote
    at 8:31 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Most of the gaming sites are based overseas and they didn’t want the dollars diverted from our own places to gamble. (Casino lobby anyone?)
    They DID cloak it as a moral issue, by the way.

  2. mopar Mike aka tea party mobster wrote
    at 10:41 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Online poker should be banned, and casino’s should be shut down. The money it cost to clean up the carnage they cause far out weigh the revenue they bring in by a long shot. God bless.

  3. TheMadPr wrote
    at 10:48 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Internet poker was NOT banned – what the law prevented was banks making direct fund transfers to poker sites. The playing itself was not impacted in any way (didn’t make the law any less stupid, tho.)

  4. Tyler L wrote
    at 12:54 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    That’s impossible. Reason? Two months two million is airing right now. Thus they would be breaking the law.

  5. amalone wrote
    at 18:56 - 3rd Listopad 2009 Permalink

    Don’t gambling rights belong to the Natives?

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