Why Do I Want To Go To Vegas So Bad And Find Ways To Play Blackjack Or Poker A Lot When Im 16?

I like playing LCR and Bingo, especially at my vacation spot every year. I also like playing no limit texas holdem and blackjack over the internet with fake money. I thought 21 was one of the most interesting movies I’ve seen. (Never top Live Free or Die Hard though) Why do I have an interest in this stuff so early in life. Is it cause I’m bored with my current life and want to do something exciting and new? I don’t see why I should like to gamble, but I do know its allllottt of fun when moderated.


  1. KiraiMor wrote
    at 8:47 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    i totally agree w/ u. i love 21 but it doesn’t top live free or die hard. i totally love those movies but i think that u might wanna do this b/c u either do it 2 much already and want 2 advance from the stuff that uve probably done a million times or u might just think that it’s cool and it is really cool. this could hav something 2 do w/ the fact that u think 21 is interesting so u might wanna copy it or mayb u just really wanna learn b/c u genuinely think that its cool and u hav an interest 4 it. idk 4 sure. im not u

  2. Patrick F wrote
    at 14:42 - 24th Styczeń 2010 Permalink

    Turn off all games and work on your 16 year old self Identity. Your growth as person is being retarded.

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