Why Does My Wife Insist I Give Up Internet Gambling ? She Has A Job And I Think The Kids Do Well In School.?

Yes, I’m addicted to internet gambling and I gave up a lucrative job at an ad agency to pursue my dream of being the worlds best internet gambler..here is the problem..I sent my wife to a second job ( at 7-11 ) because I’ve been on a bad streak and need the extra cash to pay off my visa. Now she’s complaining that her and the kids are cold ( gas was turned off Dec. 23/06) but we have two space heaters..and the 7 year old twins are not getting their proper meals and the school has called cause their teeth are starting to rot ( lack of proper vitamins ).Does she NOT realize that this is just a bad streak and in no time I”ll win BIG/HUGE ? Then we can get the gas back on and get the kids to the dentist..Why does she always complain ??? I told her when she married me it was for better or worse, so she not only promised me, but promised God..I think she is out of line and needs an attitude adjustment..what is the best way for me to make her stop nagging and complaining ???


  1. nshappe wrote
    at 6:21 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    That’s an easy answer. Get a job you loser. As a matter of fact, if I knew you and your kids you would be behind bars for behaving the way you do. That is called child endangerment and is extremely against the law. Pretty pathetic that a 20 year old has better ethics than you. I have a two year old daughter and I would work at Mc Donalds before I would let her teeth rot out or go cold.

  2. stseukn wrote
    at 9:33 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Either this is a scam/joke or you are one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever seen. What makes me think this is a scam is the kids’ teeth. It takes quite some time for teeth to rot due to malnutrition. Second of all, if it’s so bad that the school is calling your home (you have a phone and an internet connection but no food or heat?), they would have probably already called social services (which they should). The second biggest idiot would be your wife for putting up with this crap and working a second job to enable you as opposed to leaving you and suing your a** or forcing you to get a job. Either way, you need to spend less time on the internet (either gambling or playing yahoo answers) and more tiem with your wife and kids.

  3. DEBI M wrote
    at 16:03 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    you owe me the 45 seconds that i spent reading your @#$%!!,as well as the 53 seconds that i am approximating i will have spent responding to it.total due=.98 seconds

  4. dathinma wrote
    at 18:55 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Are you the guy who sent out all those chain letters looking for a dollar??
    You’re a real prize…….

  5. murdock wrote
    at 21:22 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    smack her around a bit, maybe she’ll realise how good she’s got it

  6. nbczero wrote
    at 21:57 - 20th Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Another case of fiction. If you are testing out your comedy routine, you need to work on the comedy aspect more. If you just need to weave tales because you are bored, go check out an internet gambling site or something.

  7. Ade wrote
    at 2:51 - 21st Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    This is your best one yet!

  8. Curious_ wrote
    at 8:43 - 21st Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Get a grip and listen to your wife…..addiction is bad news. You should be tarred and feathered making your wife work at 7-11 to support your sorry a**.

  9. Jason C wrote
    at 10:59 - 21st Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Dude…you need to put her to work on the corner, that’s the only way she’ll bring in enough money to cover your dumb ***!
    Thanks for the cash too….I think I took you for a couple grand on PokerStars! LOL!

  10. (_)iiiiD wrote
    at 14:19 - 21st Sierpień 2009 Permalink


  11. Michael D wrote
    at 20:08 - 21st Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Sometimes you’ve got to put women in their place. Tie her out back for an hour in the cold and she’ll come to her senses that you are the one who wears the pants. They make false teeth, so that’s not the real issue. She needs to let you pursue your dream to become a real gambler. Jump on the train before it leaves you behind…..

  12. Anonim wrote
    at 0:16 - 22nd Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    Your silly !
    Gamblings bad, but im sure you know that!
    Have fun!

  13. Skeezix wrote
    at 4:26 - 22nd Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    You could always sell one of your kidneys…or better yet, one of you wife’s kidneys for extra $$$$.

  14. ArmyChic wrote
    at 10:18 - 22nd Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    You are SICK. How dare you put your family through that just to deal with your sick addiction!! GET HELP! I feel TERRIBLE for your family!

  15. luther c wrote
    at 15:27 - 22nd Sierpień 2009 Permalink

    try to be the best gambler i s allright, but don’f forget the responsibility of being the man.
    Want to stop her nagging?
    Be a man first…

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