Why Is It That I Can Bet On Horse Racing Online But I Can Not Any Other Sport?

it depends on your local laws i can bet on horses online but not dogs.


  1. scruett wrote
    at 9:54 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Maybe because your not old enough

  2. Anonim wrote
    at 13:26 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    You can bet on sports.
    Try Bodog, they have poker, casino games and sports betting and they take US customers

  3. Mud wrote
    at 14:06 - 1st Marzec 2010 Permalink

    Because when Bill Frist sneaked his dirty little ‚anti-gambling’ bill into an unrelated port security bill, he added language that made it completely legal for American horse racing companies to offer online betting in the US. It is a clear case of a politician being bought off by a powerful lobby group.
    Frist had made various statements to the media about the evils of gambling and how gambling destroyed families. Yet his bill designed to crack down on ‚illegal’ online gambling, completely opened up the horse betting industry online.
    It’s also interesting that in most states you only have to be 18 to bet on the horses, yet you have to be 21 in most states to gamble in a casino.
    It’s illogical political crap. But no one seems interested in holding anyone accountable for this kind of political arrogance.

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