Why Is This Sport So Dumb?

First, female horses are given steriods to keep up with the males. In what other sport is that ok? The answer is none.
Second, Jockeys can switch horses and it still counts towards the triple crown? How? Borel rides Mine that Bird and he wins the kentucky derby. He switches horses. If Mine that Bird would have won the Preakness it would have still counted toward the triple crown. That is bull. That Jockey would have rode him different than Borel.
Somebody explain to me why people care about this sport? And don’t say betting reasons.


  1. kmnmiami wrote
    at 2:42 - 26th Luty 2010 Permalink

    You seem to be very confused. Neither of the two „facts” that you list are true.
    Although Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta are both very large female racehorses, their size is due to their genetics and breeding, not due to steroids. Actually, after the Big Brown controversy last year, most states have outlawed the use of steroids for any horse… without regard to gender. Horses are tested after winning races… if they have steroids in their system, they’re disqualified. Mine That Bird’s sire is Birdstone who was a very small horse which made Mine That Bird also a small horse. It’s like people… if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, then your kids are likely to have those too… if you’re tall, you’re likely to have tall kids. Female racehorses aren’t juiced to compete better with the males.
    The Triple Crown is an award given to a horse and only a horse… the jockey does not matter. If the horse wins all 3 races with 3 different jockeys, then the horse still wins the Triple Crown. If a single jockey wins all 3 races, but on different horses, that’s not a Triple Crown… it’s a great accomplishment… one that has never happened and is very unlikely to happen… but it’s not the Triple Crown. Only the Kentucky Derby winning horse is eligible to win the Triple Crown… this year, that was Mine That Bird… he finished 1st in the Derby, but did not win the Triple Crown because he finished 2nd in the Preakness and 3rd in the Belmont. There was an interesting separate story regarding Calvin Borel who won the Derby on Bird, the Preakness on Rachel, then was riding Bird again in the Belmont… no jockey in history has chosen to take off of the Derby winner to ride a different horse in the Preakness… after he won both races, it was interesting to see if he may have been able to win the Belmont as well… but that would not have made Calvin Borel a Triple Crown winner… it has to be all on one horse.
    People care about this sport because they enjoy seeing beautiful horses give their best effort at the track in the warm afternoon sun. They enjoy picking a horse as their favorite, then rooting for it as it sprints through the stretch. They enjoy following the careers of successful horses, hoping that an undefeated mare can win her 14th race going a longer distance than she ever has, against a field of world-class colts, a field more talented than she’s ever faced before.
    Obviously, you don’t care about this sport the way I do… otherwise you’d know that your facts are wrong. Personally, horse racing and hockey are my favorite sports, and I don’t like watching basketball. You obviously enjoy other sports, not horse racing. To each his own.

  2. kmnmiami? wrote
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    this sport is dumb because they wont sell you beer :)
    Before you propose a silly question make sure you get your facts straight cause steroids are LEGAL in many instances for ALL horses. As a matter of fact race horse medication has absolutely nothing to do with a horses sex PERIOD. It never has in the history of the sport EVER.
    FYI LEGAL race day drugs:
    One is Lasix, a race-day drug many in the industry agree is beneficial to the horse because it prevents bleeding in the lungs, a common problem…The second type is non steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, typically phenylbutazone, flunixin and ketoprofen. Most racing jurisdictions allow the use of one of those drugs over a prescribed period of time before a horse?s race…The third type of drugs most frequently mentioned as being overused are steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
    Please last time i checked BASEBALL is loaded with juicers on performance-enhancing drugs who played for years high as kites and own many records in the sport for instance home runs and pitching etc. LOL Even better Doc Ellis threw a no hitter on LSD in the 70’s. Heck they even have a published list now of known juice heads a running list of those who have been named or suspended right here http://baseball.about.com/od/majorleague?
    anyhoo have you ever even been to a horse race in person because if you have not there is no explaining anything ;) If you witnessed Zenyatta beating the males for her 14th victory in a row you would be amazed. Serious you would be….

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