With Ryan With A Last Second Win And Dixion Betting Usc And Tebow Losing To Georgia Who Will Win Heisman?

dixon and ryan are the front runners. each of them has some tough games left, whoever can lead their team to a conference title will probably get the nod. if they both win the conference, i think ryan will win it. not enough exposure for dixon since he plays in the pac10 and their games dont start til 10 on the east coast, where a majority of the voters live.

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  1. Donnie Darko? wrote
    at 14:36 - 25th Luty 2010 Permalink

    Dixon should, even though he looks like a scrawny 5th grader on the field with his tiny legs. My question is, why is Tebow even being considered? He is an ordinary player on an ordinary team.

  2. Mutant Marshmallow wrote
    at 20:39 - 25th Luty 2010 Permalink

    The east-coast biased press is really touting Ryan, but to me, he hurt his chances more than helped them. He played like absolute crapr for 57 minutes, and then got a miracle onside kick to win against a way overrated team playing with a backup QB. I don’t even think the ACC or Big East should be considered major conferences. They are a full level below the other four.

  3. Stonewall Jackson wrote
    at 21:58 - 25th Luty 2010 Permalink

    if Oregon wins out i say Dixon. he would be my front runner. Awesome stats on a good team.

  4. gherd wrote
    at 22:22 - 25th Luty 2010 Permalink

    not woodson! o^o

  5. BulldogB wrote
    at 0:28 - 26th Luty 2010 Permalink

    sadly, it wont be tim tebow. so sad.. cause he is SEXY!!!

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