Would This Lifestlye Work – From A Financial Perspective?

i have numerous jobs, such as bartending, baseball umpiring, buying/selling safe stocks to make profit, ebaying, blood donor and local paper run.
Then i get all my earnings together go to the TAB and bet on a team i know will win. Then get the money i make and keep stacking it into the TAB, betting more each time i gain more.
Would this work? i mean for a lot of sport games you can guess confidenlty who wins? plus what is the limint on how much can you bet in the TAB at once?
btw TAB in australia, is the place where you bet on sport games

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  1. scobranc wrote
    at 15:09 - 22nd Luty 2010 Permalink

    Probably not. Admittedly, I’ve never placed a bet in Australia but I’m sure it’s just like the rest of the world. There are always odds and handicaps placed on the bets that make it impossible to pick the winners on a consistent basis. That’s why they call it gambling. As an example, have you ever been to Vegas or at least seen pictures? Those casinos don’t look like that because people go there and win money. The look like that because people lose in the long run. And it’s not just the typical casino games. The sports book in Vegas is extremely lucrative for the casinos.
    Here’s a suggestion. Try out your plan for a year with imaginary bets. Don’t cheat…play the real odds and payouts and see how well you do. I think you’ll find that you will not make enough money to live on in the long run but good luck. If I’m wrong and you can then it’s the good life for you.

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